Could I make Community?

I bet you I could
I bet you I could bring a whole circle here
Keep them around me
Knowing which way each other will
turn in the dark

Take a walk in my shoes

I have always longed for a real
depth of knowing
I have filled inboxes
Quieted fires
Layered on blankets of
Hard Truth
Held hands with strangers
Framed faces of the unsuspecting
Only to never capture them fully

People are elusive beings
You can’t expect them to stay
You have to let them be where’s best
And I am too afraid to catch them

But if I tried,
I bet you I could

11/14 // Rochelle Hudson

The Real Work

The real work isn’t being done in thatĀ 50-story glassĀ building

It’s being done in chaotic classrooms
Teachers with sweat on their brows
Hands in the air
Asking themselves, “Is this worth it?”
And rising to the child with a raised hand

It’s being done in coffee shoppes
Poured-over Cups, Hot in Hands
Spilling into the heart of the person across the table
Knowing this is the best thing about her week

It’s being done on sidewalks
Tired of hating, tired of ignoring
He looks into the eyes of the passerby and smiles

It’s being done on crowded subways
Mountain Trails
Grocery Store Checkouts

The real work is being done
And no one is getting paid

11/14 // Rochelle Hudson


I wish I could have seen you
before we named you
called you our own
claimed you as ours

I wish I could have seen you
when you were all hills and mountains and shade
cut with water

These ancient winds that blow through you
they’ve always loved to curve around hillsides
and rustle up leaves

We once made our homes of your wood
every part of us came from you
we thanked you every day

You do not need our help to be, Tennessee
But now, I see you broken

We have paved you
covered you in metal
tried to change you
cut you down so we can pass through

But your ancient winds still billow on

And if I listen long and hard enough
I can forget your name and
sit in the center and
become a part of you once again